Our Electronic Equipment Specialists  in Hilo HI provide expert service and installation for consumer, commercial and military equipment. We use original equipment components and factory approved test methods.

Contact us for all of your electronics repair needs.

Musical Equipment: Amplifiers, Electronics:

We are authorized service for Fender Electronics and Casio Keyboards.  We offer professional service on these brands and more , as well as  electronics repair for instruments and accessories:      


Marshall                               Yamaha                                  Pyle                                     Gallien Krueger

Peavey                                  Crate                                      Warwick

Vox                                        Mackie                                   Carr

Boss                                      Ceriatone                               Line 6

Rogue                                    Pignose                                 Hartke                 

Mobile Radio, Marine Equipment, Radios, Radars, Electronics:

We service 2-way and mobile radio equipment for commercial, marine and military customers. Call us for when you need assistance with radio and marine electronics repair

Icom                                    Icom                                          Kenwood
Standard                             Raytheon                                  Midland
Motorola                             Furono